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    at Brooklyn Bridge

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    Taking pictures of people taking pictures of things. (at Brooklyn Bridge)

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    I’ve been searching for one of these since moving here! (at DUMBO)

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    Probably the coolest cake I’ve ever received for my birthday, sorry Ma. Shout out to the History Management team here at #adidas for making this a special 23rd 🙏

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    Excited to see this Brit this weekend! #London @morprime12

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    New project on my coroflot page. @conceptkicks_’s August Design challenge. Not sure who the winner is yet though, so fingers crossed! 


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  10. There’s a ‘Gladiator’ School in Rome where you can train to become a certified Gladiator.



    Guys. Why didn’t we do this. Disappoint.

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    22 years later and this woman still puts me in my place. Miss you Ma

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    Mmmmmm, Flipper 🍴

  13. pfflyersstyle:


    One of our favorite styles from our fall/winter line blends timeless materials  that evoke quality and comfort in one. The upper is a sturdy wool contrasted with smooth, matte leather on the toe and ankle patch. Smaller details like the round cable laces and metal eyelets complete the picture of this perfectly autumnal shoe. Full of texture, the Center Hi in wool & leather evokes an earthy look perfect for an outdoor adventure or stomp around campus.

    The PF Flyers Wool Center HIs look a lot like the shoes I designed last fall while in London.

    Check mine out here and let me know who did it better:


  14. So I thought it was a good idea to attempt to do something like the above photo in my road bike. It resulted in 3 stitches in the palm of my hand, a sprained wrist, and an extreme annoyance with the German hospital system.

    All in all I am lucky I wasn’t more seriously injured and will have a nice scar to remind myself that I BMX raced in Germany. No need to bother with the other details ;)

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    Beers, buds, and Grandpa’s barracks. @neilmcd90 #Erlangen #Germany (at Weizenbiergarten)